Price: $0.99

Devices: iPad, iPhone

Publisher: Catalyst Mobile Ltd

Kids Allowance

Make keeping track of kids pocket money child’s play with this simple app which enables you to schedule and track multiple kids allowances, view transactions, make adhoc payments and also give reward points to promote good behaviour.

Now with iCloud support. You can now share your data across devices.


This application enables you to:
•Automatically schedule and track how much money you owe your kid(s) for things like pocket money, allowance, chores, tasks or any other money related activity.
•Automatically schedule, track and encourage good behaviour by awarding your kid(s) reward points.
•Manually pay in or pay out cash amounts to your kids accounts.
•Give or redeem adhoc reward points to your kids accounts.
•Create multiple kids accounts and provide them with a starting balance.
•View a summary of what you owe each account (Or what they owe you), and how many reward points they have received in the current week and overall.
•Schedule money or reward related activities such as allowances, clothes allowance, car cleaning chores, brushing teeth rewards or any other freeform activity. Just specify if it earns money or reward points, and how much.
•View transaction history.
•View transaction statuses as pending, approved, not approved and deleted.
•Approval process for scheduled activities.
•For fun – shake the iphone for each saver to hear the jingle of money saved to date - or a “wah-wah” sound if not. Simple but effective!
•International currencies.


This app is aimed at anyone with kids who want an effective, simple app that takes the hassle out of remembering how much you owe your kids – or they owe you! Also anyone who wants to promote behaviour with Reward points - suitable from tots to teens. Just wait and see how competitive the kids get.


Competing apps such as Allowance ,AllowMe, Rewards and Allowance Calculator don’t include concept of ‘reward points’ as well as Allowances, this app is more personal - allows you to create any freeform activity/task you want and is so easy to personalize. It has a cleaner interface for a superior user experience.

Out of codes, sorry!

You can download the paid app from the store, here.