Price: $1.99

Devices: iPad, iPhone

Publisher: Neon Games LLC

Neon Run21

Read the reviews! Still here? The newest hit mode of Solitaire ( Patience ) is ONLY available in Solitaire Vs. Blackjack. 100,000 Hands Dealt and Counting!

It's like being on a Game Show! A large animated scoreboard, a full orchestra, 3D dealers, and NO ADVERTISEMENTS!

Maybe you'll become the first player to ever score 10,000 points in our brand new mode - MARATHON!

Crisp, clear, easy to read cards and bright, colorful HD graphics reflecting the glamour of Las Vegas and the excitement of Atlantic City all rolled into one. Whether you're looking for a quick and fun distraction, or a thoughtful puzzle that sucks you in, it's time to challenge our dealers!

+ Play multiple hands at once, reminiscent of Spider Solitaire
+ Climb the worldwide high score pyramid in Marathon Mode!
+ Play against a wide variety of colorful dealers, each in a uniquely themed casino environment
+ Beautifully crafted music and sound fx
+ Easy to learn rules, with deep strategy to master
+ Earn stars for every level you complete, try to 4-star every level and collect them all to unlock achievements!

Neon Games strives to go beyond standard mahjong, tri peaks, freecell, poker, and casino games to make unique "game show" experiences for our players!

We're proud of our history of highly rated games and incorporate fan feedback into updates.

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"The game looks good, it plays well, not a lot to complain about."
- Derek Buck, Classic Game Room

"A very good Blackjack game, especially for beginners, and is attractive and very fun to play."
- Simon Burns, The Smartphone App Review

"Sharp visuals and fluid gameplay make this interesting mix of solitaire and blackjack a must-have for killing some time."
- Rapscallion C. , Fan

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You can download the paid app from the store, here.

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