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Quickly check the visibility of your apps in App Store search.


Competitor Tracking

Note down your competitors, track their press mentions, keywords from their descriptions.


Search Investigator

Look up other apps' keywords. See related phrases and popularity index. Get the idea for your own keywords.


Press Mentions

Take a look at your competitors' press mentions


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With AppCodes you can track your visibility for 200 search queries. We allow to increase the limit if requested, but few developers ever need more.

After every update you should use a positioning tool to review which keywords work for your app - that is which ones give you a position in top 10 - and which ones should you replace with something else.

Competitor Tracking

Follow your competitors

In AppCodes you can mark apps as your competitors, and then review them all in one place. See which words they use in their descriptions and in their keyword list, and see what press wrote about them.

"Good artists copy; great artists steal." -- Pablo Picasso

Search Investigator

Search Investigator

See results as they appear on the device and discover:
- related phrases
- phrase popularity and competetiveness
- estimated app downloads (±10x)
- your competitor iTunes keywords

Some of our users asked us why we don't suggest keywords automatically. We believe that choosing proper search phrases requires creativity and common sense that no machine will ever posses. That's why the focus of AppCodes is to deliver you tools that will help you with the job, and the training to do the job properly. The Search Investigator is the best tool for this.

Press Mentions

Press Mentions

If you wish to perform any kind of press activity, it's good to know who wrote about your competitors and in which context. That's why we originally launched, with a signup fee of $24.95. Later on we rolled back all of it's functionality into AppCodes. How cool is that?

What our clients are saying

Ibrahim Eminovic, ASO Services

"I use AppCodes when positioning apps for my clients, and recommend the service to the others."

Michał Iwaszkiewicz, Yaycom

"Our apps reached a few million downloads already, thanks to the organic traffic achieved with help from AppCodes."


  How to use AppCodes

Over 500 thousand developers have viewed our tutorials to optimise their Apps' performance in the app store.

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My name is Tomasz Kolinko. I'm the lead developer in AppCodes, and also the founder of - iOS Development company, started in 2010.
During my work with Motivapps we developed a methodology for positioning apps in the App Store. The tool that you're seeing here was based on that. Since our launch in 2012 over 10,000 apps were positioned with us, and over 2500 developers signed up and paid for the full version of our service.
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