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  1. $14.95/month. 14-day money-back guarantee. (Learn more )
    Refund policy
    At any time you may cancel the account either by accessing user settings panel, or by e-mailing support at If you cancel within 2 weeks since your initial signup and request a refund, one will be granted with no exceptions and questions asked.
  2. Track 200 phrases across unlimited number of apps.
  3. Easy cancel - any time.
  4. Your data remains private. (Learn more )

    Unless you give us your explicit permission, only the account holder can access the data, we do not read it, we do not publish it, we do not use it to aid other service users.

    By "your data" we mean

    • your app ids, keywords, names, search phrases, competitors
    • things that you type in into the search box
    • any other iformation we might ask you to provide

    By "aid other service users" we mean

    • if you discover a cool new word/phrase that we didn't already know, we won't suggest it to your competitors
    • we have a function that guesses your competitors' keywords - we only use publicly available data and data from the demo searches for that
    • other, similar scenarios
    • Your other data, like your e-mail and name and other non-identyfying statistical data like app count, phrase count and app category, can be used for customer support purposes only. We do not share this data with people outside the development team.

      Limited liability - we do not guarantee that the data won't be stolen or lost. We promise that we'll use industry-standard means of data protection.

      Any questions, let us know at This privacy statement is valid for all accounts registered after Oct 19th 2015.

  5. Full support: iPhone&iPad in U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K
  6. Limited support: iPhone&iPad in all the other countries (Learn more )

    Limited support has:

    • Tracking app position for search queries
    • Predicting app's position (in beta in Japan/China)


    • Guessing competitor keywords
    • Tracking competitors

    We think the tracking alone is worth the price, but if you decide it's not enough - remember that you can get a refund within 14 days.

About Appcodes

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My name is Tomasz Kolinko. I'm the lead developer in AppCodes, and also the founder of - iOS Development company, started in 2010.
During my work with Motivapps we developed a methodology for positioning apps in the App Store. The tool that you're seeing here was based on that. Since our launch in 2012 over 10,000 apps were positioned with us, and over 2500 developers signed up and paid for the full version of our service.
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ul. Śliska 3 m. 84; 00-127 Warszawa; Poland
Motivapps Tomasz Kolinko; PL739-323-07-16

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